Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Stop the War coalition newsletter

1) URGENT - ATTEMPT TO BAN STOP THE WAR MARCHOn Monday 8 October the Stop the War Coalition will be marchingfrom Trafalgar Square to Parliament calling for all troops inIraq to be brought home immediately.After a series of relatively co-operative meetings, the policenow say they have been instructed not to allow the march to takeplace and that all demonstrations are banned within a mile ofParliament whilst in session.This is a new development which threatens our democratic rights.When Gordon Brown became prime minister he promised to liberalisethe laws on protest, saying that one of his principles would be,"civil liberties safeguarded and enhanced". Government ministers,including Gordon Brown, have lined up to support the right toprotest in Burma. It is important that these same ministers alsodefend the rights of people in this country to protestpeacefully.We are determined to march to make our views known to parliamenton 8 October, when Gordon Brown will make his long awaitedstatement on Iraq. We urge everyone who opposes the war policiesof our government to join the call for all British troops to comehome immediately and to help defend our civil liberties now underattack. We have produced a petition calling on the authorities toreview the decision to ban the march.SIGN THE PETITION ONLINE aimed at defending our right to protestpeacefully. You can do this here: http://www.stopwar.org.uk/DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE PETITIONCollect as many signatures as you can and send filled petitionsheets to Stop the War Coalition, 27 Britannia Street, WC1X 9JPDownload for printing here: http://www.stopwar.org.uk/Please spread the word as widely as you can about thedemonstration on Monday 8 October (full details below).
2) DEMONSTRATE: PARLIAMENT MONDAY 8 OCTOBERNOT ONE MORE DEATH - BRING ALL THE TROOPS HOME NOWASSEMBLE FOR RALLY 1.0 PM TRAFALGAR SQUARESpeakers include:TONY BENNMARK STEEL, comedian and writer BEN GRIFFIN, ex-soldier who served in IraqBOB WAREING MPGEMMA TUMELTY, president, National Union of StudentsLINDSEY GERMAN, national convenor, Stop the WarBILLY HAYES general secretary, Communication Workers UnionFor more details, see: http://www.stopwar.org.uk/
3) NOT ONE MORE DEATH POSTCARDThe Stop the War Not One More Death postcard, designed by eminentartist David Gentleman, is now available from the Stop the Waroffice. The postcard is being used in a write-in campaign toGordon Brown, calling for a change in government policy, to breakBritain's subservience to George Bush's warmongering. Stop theWar local groups plan to distribute the postcard at every tubestation, bus terminal, train station, in workplaces and communitycentres, churches and mosques.Contact the Stop the War Office to order postcards in bulk. Ifyou would like to distribute the postcards in your localcommunity, college, school or workplace or among friends andrelatives, please contact us.Phone: 020 7278 6694Email: office@stopwar.org.ukSEE THE POSTCARD DESIGN HERE:http://www.stopwar.org.uk/
4) GORDON BROWN OPEN LETTER PUBLISHED 3 OCTOBERStop the War's open letter to Gordon Brown calling for thewithdrawal of all British troops from Iraq will be published in afull page advert, funded by supporters of Stop the War, in TheGuardian on Wednesday 3 October (See http://tinyurl.com/3xafku).Among the hundreds of signatories are:Tariq Ali, Iain Banks, Tony Benn, Ian Brown, Caryl Churchill,Harry Cohen MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Bob Crow (Gen Sec RMT) BrianEno, George Galloway MP, Rose Gentle (MFAW) David Gentleman,Lindsey German, (Convenor STWC), Bill Greenshields (National VP,NUT), Ben Griffin (ex SAS soldier), Kelvin Hopkins MP, KateHudson (Chair CND), Jean Lambert MEP, Dr Caroline Lucas MEP,Alice Mahon, Prof Kamil Majid, Miriam Margolyes, John McDonnellMP, Adrian Mitchell, Greg Mulholland MP, Andrew Murray (ChairSTWC), Michael Nyman, Adam Price MP, Sami Ramadani, John Rees(Sec Respect Coalition), Yvonne Ridley, Paul Rowen MP, MarkRylance, Prof David Seddon, Alan Simpson MP, Linda Smith, ChairRespect Coalition, Prof Andrew Spencer, Hans von Sponeck, ProfPhil Taylor, Mark Thomas, UNISON (London Fire Authority), WalterWolfgang, Tony Woodley (Joint Gen Sec UNITE), Cllr Salma Yaqoob,Susannah York, Haifa Zangana, Benjamin Zephaniah

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