Tuesday, 15 January 2008

HRLA/Law Society Event

Here are details of the HRLA/Law Society event:
HRLA and Law Society Joint Event "Can Human Rights be Guaranteed within Conflict: Lessons from Basra, Belfast and the ending of the British Empire."
Brigadier Philip McEvoy OBE, Army Legal Service,
Guglielmo Verdirame, Cambridge University, 20 Essex St Chambers
Chair: Keir Starmer QC, Doughty Street Chambers and Human Rights Adviser to the Police Board of Northern Ireland
Venue: Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2
Date 24 January 2008 Time: 6.00pm
Free to members of the Law Society and HRLA
£5.00 for non members
CPD points: 1.5
What is the relationship between war, conflict and human rights? Can rights be assured in conflict? Is the guarantee of human rights a justification for going to war? Do human rights add anything to the laws of armed conflict, or do human rights cease to apply during war and conflict? These questions, and their resolution, are now uppermost in the minds of those planning, preparing and prosecuting war. At the same time, those caught up in conflict are increasingly resorting to human rights law as a means to attempt to regulate it. Aspects of the conflicts of the 21st Century can therefore expect to be resolved in the court room as well as the theatre of war.
This timely seminar will explore the role played by human rights within the British Government's military strategy. Additionally the seminar will explain how international human rights standards are being used to inform the interpretation and application of the laws of war, as well as regulating conduct during conflicts and their aftermath. Brigadier McEvoy plays a leading role in advising the army in relation to all aspects of its work, including operational decisions. This is an unrivalledopportunity to hear from him and to ask questions. Guglielmo Verdirame, academic and practitioner, will explore the links between human rights and the laws of armed conflict. The seminar's chair is Keir Starmer QC, the leading human rights barrister. If you would like to attend then please email: DDelgado@barcouncil.org.uk

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