Thursday, 31 May 2007

Anti-Capitalist conference

Social and Cultural Movements Group, Edge Hill University

3rd International Conference

on the theme of

Anti-Capitalism: Movement of Movements?

Edge Hill University
18th - 20th September 2007.

The radical movement politics of the 21st century has thus far been anti-capitalist politics - a fusion of anti-globalisation, ecology, anti-war and left politics that has sought to counter the machinations of states, supranational organisation in a globalising world and corporate power. Often called the ?movement of movements? it represents a critical alliance of disparate movements along a common set of broad themes around democracy, peace, ecology, anti-imperialism and opposition to the pernicious and debilitating impacts of contemporary capitalism. Seem variously as a development from and triumph of movement politics, a reassertion of left critique in radical politics and a new strategic challenge to the contemporary capitalism of empire, the politics of identity and consumption and resurgent neo-conservatism, the task of understanding, theorising and critically engaging with anti-capitalism is a critical step in thinking where it goes next and how it builds a momentum of radical resistance to capitalism in its democratic and authoritarian forms.

This conference seeks to offer a space for constructive critical engagement, the airing of key conceptual, intellectual and political debates and contributions that reflect the diverse range of analyses of anti-capitalism in its global manifestations. We welcome papers and contributions from academics and activists on: theories and conceptual debates in anti-capitalism; theory and politics of the anti-capitalism movement(s); understanding anti-capitalist movement politics; anti-capitalism and social movements in a global context and across the globe.

The conference last from the morning of Wednesday 19th to the early afternoon of Friday 21st September. There are residential and non-residential conference tariffs and a limited number of reduced tariff available.

Deadline for Submissions for Abstracts for Papers - 30th June 2007
Deadline for Registration for the Conference - 31st July 2007
Deadline for Papers to be available for advance
Circulation - 31st August 2007
Key note speakers to be notified shortly

This conference is organised in conjunction with Historical Materialism: International Journal of Critical Marxist Theory

Contact: Roger Spalding, Social and Cultural Movements Group, Edge Hill University, St. Helen?s Road, Ormskirk, Lancs L39 4PQ, UK

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