Thursday, 31 May 2007

Hands off the People of Iran

I am writing to ask for your support for a recently launched campaign,
Hands Off the People of Iran.

The initiative for this campaign has come from Iranian organisations
and individuals. Our aim is to oppose any attack on Iran and at the
same time give solidarity to the fight of the Iranian people against
their oppressive, theocratic regime. We believe it is essential to
emphasise both messages - no to military intervention and no to the

Hands Off the People of Iran's founding statement can be read on our
website at and, if you agree with its aims, we would
very much appreciate your support as a signatory. The list of people
who have signed up so far is shown on the website.

The campaign has already gained the support of many activists from
politics, the labour movement, academia, the arts, media and
entertainment, including:

· Labour MPs Diane Abbot, John McDonnell and Harry Cohen;
· Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell;
· Fire Brigades Union president Mick Shaw;
· Academics Noam Chomsky, Moshe Machover and Sheila Rowbotham;
· Journalists Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and John Pilger;
· Authors Naomi Klein, William Blum and Nafeez Ahmed;
· Singer-songwriters Peggy Seeger and Tom Robinson;
· Film-maker Ken Loach and scriptwriter Jimmy McGovern;
· Comedians Bill Bailey and Mark Steel.

We have contacts with students, workers' and women's organisations
that are struggling for their democratic rights in Iran. These
movements are firmly against any US-sponsored military attack or
intervention. They are also in daily struggle with the Islamic

Hands Off the People of Iran is being set up in a number of European
countries and aims, as a matter of urgency, to extend itself
internationally. Currently, meetings are taking place throughout
Britain and Ireland and an organisation has been set up to dynamically
build the campaign.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Steve Cooke
Hands Off the People of Iran
+44 (0) 7752 270430

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