Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tibetans Hold Demonstration In London

Protesters have gathered outside the Chinese Embassy in London in support of anti-Chinese demonstrations in Tibet. 'Free Tibet' protest in London The group waved red, blue, white and yellow flags in the build-up to a 4pm deadline (midnight in Tibet) set by the Chinese government for protests in Tibet to end.The protesters shouted "free Tibet, stop the killing in Tibet" and "Chinese out", "long live the Dalai Llama" and "China, China, China, out, out, out".Some of the demonstrators threw banners and sticks at the front door of the embassy and at police officers standing outside. They were eventually pushed back on to the central reservation but continued to shout and wave their flags and banners About eight police vans and 15 officers lined up in front of the group to keep them on the opposite side of the road from the embassy. One protester, Tashi Gyaltsen, lives in London but his parents fled Tibet as children. The 31-year-old said: "We are here to show our support for Tibetans who are risking everything to protest."As free Tibetans living in the UK we are very lucky to be able to protest without any danger to our lives. "It is so sad - Tibetans in Tibet are in the worst situation. Everything they do is under restrictions."We don't care what the response is in the embassy but we have to voice our concern." Six protesters, who are Tibetan students at British universities, are to stage a 24-hour hunger strike on the pavement opposite the embassy.

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